10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy During The Bear Market

10 Best Cryptos To Buy During The Bear Market

The bear market in cryptocurrencies has kept some investors on edge. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity for investors to increase their holdings at a significant discount.

The best cryptocurrencies to buy during the bear market will be analyzed in this guide. To optimize future earnings, we have chosen the top ten cryptocurrencies and provided advice on picking coins to buy during a bad market.

Below is our analysis of the top coins to buy during the bear market.

We’ve included the best crypto presales to invest in, long-existing large-cap tokens, NFT competition projects, and more.

1. Dash 2 Trade

The overall best cryptocurrency to purchase during this slump is Dash 2 Trade. An artificial analytics tool called Dash 2 Trade wants to be the Bloomberg of the cryptocurrency world. Because Learn 2 Trade, a popular signals and cryptocurrency alerts website, powers the team, it already has a community of 70,000 traders.

Investors can use the platform’s currency, D2T, to pay for subscription services and gain access to sophisticated capabilities. The Dash 2 Trade team searches for cryptocurrency possibilities using its extensive knowledge and cutting-edge AI.

As a part of their membership service, these are actionable crypto signals. Additionally, risk management is incorporated into signals to inform the investor of the best locations for stop-loss and take-profit orders. Investors should be aware of future trading opportunities, according to Dash 2 Trade.

Therefore, users can also access a custom grading system for prospective ICOs and presales. The team examines each cryptocurrency project to confirm its legitimacy.

The backtesting tool, which keeps tabs on actual crypto market conditions, is another beneficial aspect. This enables investors to test out their plans without risking any money. Presales should be considered by those deciding which cryptocurrency to purchase during a bad market.

Since these tokens have not been publicly distributed, they are not available on significant exchanges. Investors can now purchase tokens at a discount as a result. Investors still have time to secure the low price of $0.0513 as D2T is currently in stage three of its presale. In the following presale round, this will increase to a cost of $0.0533 per token.

2. RobotEra

RobotEra is unquestionably a viable option for investors looking for the most excellent investment during the current weak market in cryptocurrencies. A P2E game where players transform into robots and rebuild a virtual planet in the metaverse will be a part of the ecosystem.

Players can make “robot companions” with various features and skills by mining minerals, acquiring raw materials, and building factories. They will be unique NFTs that players can trade on the open market.

Players can purchase virtual land of their own. Every piece of land is an NFT that may be bought, sold, or traded on the platform. For those who have played or enjoy the concept of Sandbox, RobotEra is conducting one of the top crypto presales. TARO, the name of the planet where the game is located, is the token that drives the RobtoEra metaverse.

Investors can lock in a price of $0.020 per TARO token during phase one of the RobotEra presale. They only have to visit the presale platform and submit an order. The tokens can be obtained and added to a wallet after the presale.

The most significant cryptocurrency to purchase at this time is TARO. After the initial phase, tokens will increase to $0.025 per unit. Until the campaign is over, their price will keep rising. As a result, investors can purchase TARO tokens now while they are still affordable and will automatically lock in a profit with the passage of each presale stage.


Investors who care about the environment and are still deciding which cryptocurrency to buy during the down market should consider IMPT. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform assists consumers, companies, and investors in lowering their carbon footprints. A market where carbon credits (tokenized as NFTs) can be purchased, sold, exchanged, or burned is a part of the ecosystem.

Investors can purchase IMPT tokens, which are presently on presale, and then use them to buy carbon credits. However, you can also gain IMPT tokens by purchasing from any of the 10,000 socially conscious companies with which the initiative has partnered. Additionally, when an investor has earned enough IMPT awards, they can exchange their tokens for carbon credits.

Investors will receive an NFT from IMPT if they decide to burn their carbon credits. Investors can examine the compensation quality of the brands and projects on the platform and their own carbon footprint impact rankings.

The price per IMPT token during the first phase of the presale was $0.018. Investors can still get a deal on IMPT tokens during the presale. Phase two of the campaign has begun, and the token cost is $0.023. In the following phase, the price of each IMPT token will increase once more.

4. Calvaria

A P2E warfare NFT card game called Calvaria offers stakes and monthly tournaments. Duels of Eternity is the name of the game. The world of Duels of Eternity contains numerous cities. Each one has a variety of characters with different traits. Each NFT card stands for another character.

For instance, there is an “agile figure” who “relishes in destruction” in the city of Arcilla Divina. Trading of cards is possible in the market. Most users will favor the paid version because they may earn incentives.

In this instance, RIA serves as the in-game currency. Over $1.8 million has already been raised for the project. Investors could lock in the price of $1 for 80 RIA tokens by placing an order during the first phase of the presale. The Calvaria presale campaign is in stage four, and one dollar can purchase forty RIA tokens.

In the following phase, $1 will purchase 33,333 RAI tokens. As a result, early investors still have time to place an order during the Black Friday cryptocurrency bear market until the tokens’ price rises again.

In the Calvaria ecosystem, there will only be one billion RIA tokens, 30% of which will be accessible to early investors during the various presale phases. These tokens are divided into 20% prize money. The whitepaper states that Calvaria’s roadmap includes collaborations with gamers, celebrities, and streams for DoE competitions.

5. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is an option for investors looking for the finest cryptocurrency to buy during the bear market. For enthusiasts of P2E games, this is among the best NFT games. The ability to breed, care for, and receive rewards for one’s pets is provided to players.

Each pet is an NFT, and players can engage in combat to compete for the top spot on the scoreboard each month. A Tamadoge arcade with a metaverse connection is also included in the plan. There will also be an augmented reality (AR) app that lets users seek TAMA tokens with their dogs.

Tokens from TAMA can reward players, purchase exclusive goods from the pet store, and play games. Additionally, Tamadoge offers its NFT collection on the well-known online store OpenSea.

Investors can play arcade games if they purchase one of Tamadoge’s eligible NFTs. When the main game is formally released, they will receive a unique Tamadoge puppy NFT airdropped. Tamadoge holds competitions as well. For instance, as of this writing, several activities can be finished to be eligible to win $100k worth of TAMA tokens.

6. Lucky Block

One of the best coins to purchase during a bear market is LBLOCK. NFT contests are held on the Lucky Block platform, and the LBLOCK cryptocurrency fuels the ecosystem. Through the competitions run by this site, crypto and NFT investors have the opportunity to win a home, a five-star luxury vacation, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, and much more.

Investors must buy the NFT linked to the selected competition to participate. For instance, all drawings in this category will be entered immediately if you purchase and hold a Platinum Rollers Club NFT. A Lamborghini is a reward at the moment.

Every competition receives an NFT from Lucky Block. Investors must buy a BTC1M NFT ticket to be eligible to win a prize of $1 million worth of BTC tokens. The five-star holiday stated before has the NFT 5HOLIDAY.

Investors can visit the site to learn more and can enter by purchasing Lucky Block NFTs. The Ethereum blockchain is the foundation for LBLOCK version 2. This serves as a reward token as well. Those who have Lucky Block NFTs in their wallets will automatically receive LBLOCK tokens.

7. Binance Coin

By daily trading volume, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most well-liked investments during a Black Friday crypto bear market is its native coin, BNB. The Binance blockchain is the foundation for BNB, which may be used to settle fees on the corresponding exchange.

BNB can be used to pay for services and goods and offers discounts on the platform. Binance Coin has continued to rank in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization due to the variety of uses for BNB tokens.

According to several market analysts, BNB is the ideal cryptocurrency to purchase during a bad market. Compared to its all-time high of $669 in May 2021, Binance Coin is currently trading at a 59% discount based on its current pricing. On CoinMarketCap, Binance Coin is ranked fifth as of this writing.

8. Ethereum

ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market valuation. Ethereum is a popular option for investors in a bear market for cryptocurrencies. Ethereum has been around since 2015. One of the leading platforms for decentralized apps is Ethereum, which has made a name for itself in this space.

The Ethereum blockchain has become the platform of choice for developers since it offers smart contracts that work with various apps. In its ETH 2.0 merging, Ethereum switched to a proof-of-stake algorithm.

The network has abandoned the energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus method in favor of proof-of-stake. This addresses one of the key criticisms of the cryptocurrency sector and is expected to reduce Ethereum’s carbon footprint by up to 99.95%.

For many, the most significant cryptocurrency to purchase is ETH. Compared to its all-time high of $4,635 in November 2021, Ethereum is trading at a discount of roughly 74% at the time of writing. Ethereum has a market value of almost $150 billion.

9. Bitcoin

The initial cryptocurrency is called Bitcoin. BTC tokens were made available as a peer-to-peer payment option in January 2009. Giving individuals money independent of central banks and other established financial organizations was the concept.

There was no longer a need to rely on the monetary policies of governments or banks because third-party go-betweens had been eliminated. The most valuable cryptocurrency in existence, according to market capitalization, is Bitcoin. Investors can use it to make purchases both online and off. As an alternative, investors might HODL, or hold onto the item, keeping it in their portfolio.

A survey conducted in July 2022 revealed that 55% of investors purchase Bitcoin as part of a long-term plan. Bitcoin tokens are now roughly 75% less expensive than they were at the all-time high of almost $69,000 due to the collapse of the FTX exchange and the ongoing bear market.

As a result, while choosing which cryptocurrency to purchase during the bear market, investors may want to consider boosting their holdings of BTC tokens, which are currently trading for a steep discount.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin had a market value of about $322 billion. On November 10th, 2021, its market capitalization reached its all-time high of $1.2 trillion.

10. Polkadot

Scalability and interoperability, two of the major issues plaguing the sector, are both addressed by Polkadot. According to the number of developers who use it monthly, Polkadot is one of the most active ecosystems of its kind.

This open-source, multichain protocol’s native coin is called DOT, and it was first made available in October 2017. In 2020, there was yet another ICO. This network is ultra-scalable since it can process numerous transactions on numerous chains concurrently.

DOT is now ranked 11th in terms of market capitalization. On November 9th, 2021, DOT token prices rose to an all-time high of over $53. Investors can get DOT for 89% less than its peak price in 2021 if they believe Polkadot’s native token is the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Polkadot has a market capitalization of $6.4 billion as of writing.

Are We Still In A Bear Market In 2022?

The top ten cryptocurrencies to purchase during a down market have been discussed. Investors, however, might be skeptical of how long the bear market in cryptocurrencies will last.

As of writing, the cryptocurrency bear market is very much in full swing – see below:

  • In 2022, almost all asset classes suffered losses
  • For instance, year-to-date, the S&P 500 is down over 17.5%.
  • Bitcoin was around $69,000 in November 2021. Today, it is worth 75% less
  • According to data supplied by CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrencies had a market capitalization of over $2.1 trillion at the start of 2022
  • At the time of writing, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has plummeted to $836 billion
  • As such, during 2022, cryptocurrencies have lost 60% of their market capitalization
  • Taking Bitcoin out of the equation, year-to-date, cryptocurrencies have gone from over $1.3 trillion to $514.5 billion

Most analysts agree that a decline of 20% is typically considered to be the official definition of a bear market. As a result, the current market is still in a bear market.

What Starts A Crypto Bear Market?

Investors would be wise to know how bear markets begin before picking which cryptocurrency to purchase during this downturn.

This will enable them to identify an upcoming downturn better and find coins to buy during the bear market.

Things that can cause a crypto bear market include the following:

  • Global health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • High-interest rates and rising inflation
  • Negative crypto news, such as an exchange being hacked, regulatory issues, or bankruptcy
  • Conflicts such as the Russia/Ukraine war

Although the market was down before the potential bankruptcy of the FTX exchange in 2022, it crashed further as more information emerged. It’s reported that investors withdrew $6 billion in crypto assets over the few days that followed the news through fear of losing their tokens.

Following the news, Binance, the biggest exchange in the world, sold FTT, the native token of FTX, for $500 million. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, sold his ownership back to FTX in 2021, although Binance was an early investor in FTX.

Reports that Binance was prepared to save the FTX exchange surfaced in late 2022. However, this agreement failed because Binance claimed that the FTX exchange needed more problems to justify providing financial support to FTX.

Considering everything, the current lousy market may continue.

When Will The Bear Market Finish?

How long will the crypto market bear market last, new investors may wonder?

Since estimations differ depending on the source and the circumstances, there is no conclusive response. The 2018 bear market, according to Forbes, lasted almost 2.5 years.

While other platforms claim that the bear market may be corrected early in the year, CoinDesk predicts that it may last until the end of 2023. According to Forbes, the typical cryptocurrency bear market lasts 289 days.

In addition, there may be a relationship between digital currencies and stocks. Investors should also be on the lookout for it because the reasons above frequently serve as the catalyst for bear markets in various assets and industries.

Should Investors Buy Crypto During A Bear Market?

Making purchases during a crisis may be unsettling to investors investigating bear markets in the cryptocurrency market.

After all, one of the most volatile asset types is cryptocurrencies. But by building a varied portfolio, it is feasible to reduce some of the associated risks.

Investors may put a portion of their capital into large-cap currencies with solid liquidity, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Additionally, the same investor might put a purchase order for any presale tokens they feel have the potential to become the next big thing in cryptocurrencies.
The price of a presale token like D2T is fixed once an order has been placed. After the final round of the presale, this discounted cryptocurrency can be claimed.
The investor must think about their level of risk tolerance. After all, a bear market is a period of ambiguity.

However, it also offers a chance to purchase cryptocurrencies at a significant discount. Investors who accept the risk may profit when the next bull run begins if or when the questioned token rebounds.

Choosing Crypto Assets To Invest In During A Bear Market

The top cryptocurrencies to purchase during a bear market have been examined and ranked. Additionally, investors must conduct their study.

As a result, the list of factors investors should consider while choosing currencies to buy during the bear market is provided below.

Large-Cap Tokens With An Established Record

Even in the past’s less severe cryptocurrency bear markets, several currencies could not rebound. As we’ve mentioned, some investors during a bear market opted to buy large-cap coins on the decline. According to this theory, the biggest cryptocurrencies would weather the storm in the long run, much like blue-chip stocks.

For instance, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, is one of the most popular investments in the current bear market. The institutional use of Bitcoin is growing in the more mature financial markets.

Another large-cap asset that some investors want to purchase during the Black Friday cryptocurrency bear market is Ethereum. As of this writing, BTC has a 38.4% market share, while ETH has a 17.8% share. In other words, Bitcoin and Ethereum account for more than 56% of the cryptocurrency market. They are both quite liquid, making it simple to sell them during any crypto season.

Presale Tokens With A USP

Presale projects with a unique selling proposition, or USP, should be considered by those looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy during the lousy market. When a cryptocurrency project’s native currency is published and has a broad audience, it typically has a higher probability of success.

An excellent example is Dash 2 Trade, the cryptocurrency analytics dashboard we previously examined. A dashboard similar to Bloomberg is available for cryptocurrency investors through Dash 2 Trade. Some valuable features, including backtesting, trading signals, social sentiment, on-chain analysis, and more, are available to subscribers who purchase D2T tokens.

As we previously stated, D2T is still in its presale and will undoubtedly succeed if it is listed on an exchange, as LBank and BitMart have already indicated their support.

The platform should appeal to novice and seasoned investors. The terminal is a one-stop shop for investors to discover possibilities to buy cryptocurrencies.


This concludes our list of the top ten cryptocurrencies to purchase during a down market. We’ve researched the cryptocurrencies that could be wise long-term investments during and after the bear market.

Several presale initiatives, NFT P2E tokens, carbon credit schemes, competitive platforms, and well-known large-cap cryptocurrencies are included in this.

Dash 2 Trade, a very effective analytics terminal with a subscription service, is the best presale. There are a few other presales worth looking at during this crypto bear market, like RobotEra, IMPT, and Calvaria.

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