5 Best MMORPG Blockchain Games For 2023

Blockchain-based massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are gaining popularity as web3 continues to be the focus of traditional video game firms.

  • Web3 games are broadly perceived as the future of online gaming.
  • Traditional video game makers are beginning to pivot to web3 as blockchain-based MMORPGs gain popularity.
  • KlayMeta and Ember Sword are some of the most exciting MMORPGs to look forward to heading into 2023.

A new era of gaming is about to begin as a result of the development of the video game industry. The blockchain-based gaming model that pays all participants is finally being acknowledged by video game makers as the way of the future.
For this reason, well-known gaming firms are currently creating web3 versions of some of their most recognizable games, with Square Enix leading the charge as an early adopter.

The most thrilling massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) of 2023 are examined in this article.

According to broad descriptions, Web3 is a blockchain-based internet that emphasizes user-owned communities, trustless communications, and decentralization. Web3 technology is being used by game developers to fuel their in-game token and non-fungible token economies in MMORPG games.

Players can therefore gain greater benefits from using the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming mechanic and trading NFT avatars for in-game characters.


A sort of online role-playing game known as an MMORPG allows many players to interact with one another through teamwork and competitions in virtual environments. MMO (massively multiplayer online) can be either single-player or multiplayer, on the other hand. Everything relies on how the game is made.

MMORPGs are centered on community and social connections, which is also one of the main aspects of Web3, whereas MMOs are focused on combat and/or questing.

Additionally, to keep players interested, MMORPGs provide a variety of in-game activities like crafting, exploration, trade skills, and player versus player (PvP) warfare. So an MMORPG provides a more engaging gaming experience.

All MMORPGs are MMOs, but not all MMOs are MMORPGs.

Here are the top 5 blockchain MMORPGs for 2023, listed in no particular order. While there are some similarities among the games’ features, each one has a unique offering that makes it more enjoyable and rewarding for its audience than the others.

Ember Sword (Polygon)

Bright Star Studios developed the blockchain-based MMORPG Ember Sword. Through the ownership of virtual goods like skins and avatars, the community drives the game’s highly social gaming experience.
Players can earn cryptocurrency prizes for completing missions, taking part in in-game activities, and owning land. They can also own, trade, and sell in-game assets. With the release of its initial trailer more than four years ago, it was one of the earliest blockchain-based games.

In addition, Ember Sword has included NFTs as a cosmetic component to go along with the game’s vibrant design and adventurous gameplay.

The setting of the game is Thanabus, a utopian world with four distinct regions: Duskeron, Ediseau, Sevrend, and Solarwood.


KLAYMETA is a blockchain-based play-and-earn metaverse game. The play-and-earn gaming environment places a greater emphasis on creating enjoyable games than the profit-driven play-to-earn model, with the opportunity to earn provided as an add-on feature.

While the complete launch is scheduled for early 2023, the platform recently unveiled its initial gameplay elements, including adventure mode.

To give players incentives and NFTs that they earn via regular gameplay, Klaymeta uses the blockchain. Additionally, they have the option of buying, selling, trading, or converting in-game items and tokens into $META utility tokens.

Web3 gaming is being introduced to the general public by KLAYMETA using their all-encompassing metaverse platform. The KLAYMETA platform’s no-code functionality, which permits experimenting with crypto and NFTs, enables smaller developers to create blockchain games.

Axie Infinity (Ethereum)

Sky Mavis developed the virtual “perverse” realm known as Axie Infinity. After spurring the development of web3 MMORPGs, it is largely regarded as the entry point to blockchain gaming. The gameplay of Axie Infinity allows users to breed, nurture, trade, and fight mythical creatures known as Axies. The Axie species in the game come in a wide variety with various appearances, abilities, and behaviors.
The game has fully owned by players in, a real money economy. Players can raise pet characters in Axie through breeding, which they can then sell at a profit at various stages of development.

Players can breed Axies and sell them to other players by utilizing the in-game resources (SLP & $AXS).

The game is one of the most well-liked NFT games, with over 150,000 reported monthly active users. Axie has received accolades from players for providing a gameplay experience that is almost identical to that of traditional online games, a feature that is uncommon in blockchain games. Some compare it more to a Pokemon game with features for play-to-earn.

Treeverse (Ethereum)

A social and cooperative game called Treeverse is situated in a lush, magical environment with lovely tree-dominated landscapes and quick, highly mobile combat.

Players in this user-focused blockchain MMORPG have complete ownership of everything they earn or buy in the game, including NFTrees, homes, and land plots.
The game also includes the Treeverse valuables, which are non-fungible coins based on Ethereum (NFTs). Anytime they choose, players can buy and sell Treeverse NFTs. Before releasing the Player-vs-Player (PVP) version in the future, the game is scheduled to launch as a free-to-play Player-vs-Environment (PVE) mode.

Endless Clouds, a blockchain gaming development studio led by a group that worked on titles like League of Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege, is creating Treeverse.

Outer Ring (BNB)

A third-person shooter MMORPG, Outer Ring is set in a huge, randomly generated setting that combines various genres. The player-driven ecosystem for Outer Ring is being built to create a single, $GQ-powered metaverse.
The Outer Ring project is run by the community using the $GQ token, and it can be accessed and played as a free-to-play game where participants can engage with the tokenized technology without having to buy NFTs.

Gamers that make a positive impact on the ecosystem are compensated for the time they put into developing the Player Driven Economy model.

The fictional world in the game is based on the Outer Ring Saga, a book that features four groups fighting for control of planets and resources on behalf of five different species.

Final Word

The industry for Web3 gaming is expected to continue expanding significantly and reach $200 billion by the end of 2023, according to experts.

This explains the desire of traditional game creators to seize the blockchain gaming business. While some are releasing standalone games for blockchain players, others have integrated NFTs.

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