Catheon Gaming Announces Partnerships To Bring Tokyo Conception To The Blockchain

November 8, 2022, Hong Kong (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “2022 KPMG & HSBC Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific study” recognized Catheon Gaming as the No. 1 blockchain gaming emerging giant. Catheon Gaming is happy to announce a partnership with Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated to bring Tokyo Conception to the blockchain.

A mobile role-playing game, Tokyo Conception, is set in Tokyo after an ancient ritual left the city overrun by monsters. In their effort to defeat the demons and put the world back in order, players assume the roles of mythical beings known as “Youkai.” Tokyo Conception, which had over 2.5 million downloads when it was first released, peaked at 100,000 daily active users and 400,000 monthly active users.

Tokyo Conception will be available on the blockchain thanks to a partnership between Dancing Bonito Incorporated and SPARK Incorporated, which will take advantage of the game’s top-notch design and extensive player base. The game will empower all player types and include a comprehensive blockchain economy with token and NFT components.

To fully enter the blockchain gaming market, Bonito Incorporated and SPARK Incorporated, two Japanese game industry experts-founded companies, are utilizing their combined experience in developing AAA games for PC, console, and smartphones at major game publishers.

Catheon Gaming is constantly looking for high-quality games with much entertainment value to add to the blockchain. Under less than a year, the company’s portfolio has expanded from one to 25 titles, with many more now in discussion, including SolChicks, Seoul Stars, Angrymals, Aotuverse, Onigiri, and the more recently announced Prajna Gate and Stars End.

William Wu, founder, and co-CEO of Catheon Gaming said:

“Tokyo Conception has a sizable player community and is an extraordinarily high-quality mobile game. We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented teams from Dancing Bonito Incorporated and SPARK Incorporated to bring this game to the blockchain. The game was popular upon debut, and we are convinced that by emphasizing player empowerment through the use of the blockchain, we can make it even better this time.
William Wu, the founder, and CEO of Catheon Gaming, an integrated blockchain gaming, and entertainment firm, joins us in this episode. Catheon Gaming is dedicated to offering entertainment value via blockchain to the general public. They are a flexible, quick-thinking business at the vanguard of advancements in blockchain gaming. Catheon just passed 51 million user downloads and has a growing library of over 25 video games in genres like sports, adventure, anime, shooter, MMORPG, and metaverse games. Before this, William worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. in London, assisting businesses worldwide with their corporate strategies, investment choices, and value capture. At Oaktree Capital Management in Hong Kong, he focused on special situations and distressed private equity opportunities.

Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated Commented:

“We are thrilled about collaborating with Catheon Gaming in blockchain gaming and other areas. The Catheon Gaming team understands gaming products and Web3. They also have a one-stop blockchain game solution that can transfer our experience and capabilities in the game industry to the blockchain gaming market. We believe we can produce high-quality products together. ”

About Catheon Gaming

One of the world’s fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment firms is Catheon Gaming, which KPMG and HSBC identify as the No. 1 rising blockchain behemoth in the Asia-Pacific region. The only end-to-end platform that offers top-tier technological, publishing, and partnership capabilities for the top game studios, businesses, and brands looking to make their way into Web3 is Catheon Gaming. To reach its aim of being able to alter the way we play, live, and earn, Catheon Gaming has established the most extensive portfolio of blockchain games in the market as well as one of the most profound ecosystems.

Spark Incorporated

Founded in 2015, SPARK is a game publishing company that also works on developing and selling “SPARK GEAR,” a VFX production tool. SPARK GEAR is well-known as a tried-and-true VFX production tool that can apply incredibly realistic and high-quality 3D effects across several platforms. In addition to supporting iOS, Android, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, SPARK GEAR also supports middleware like Unity and Unreal Engine. Its subsidiary, Spark Creative Inc., has extensive knowledge in game production, from planning to production. This covers the creation of 2D/3D content as well as VFX. Some of the top gaming firms in the world are among SPARK’s clientele. In addition to concentrating on developing smartphone apps, SPARK keeps forging strategic partnerships with various businesses.

Dancing Bonito Incorporated

The goal of DANCING BONITO is to create the top video games available. Throughout the organization’s 20-year history, its founding member has planned, produced, and managed some of the highest-caliber games for well-known consumer and smartphone gaming firms. DANCING BONITO is well-positioned to make a difference in Web 3.0 games thanks to its plethora of expertise, skills, and in-depth understanding.
The integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment firm with the quickest growth is Catheon Gaming.

We bring years of experience in the blockchain business along with technological, gaming, and marketing know-how.

Our goal is to transform our work, play ultimately, and earn.

Our goal is to spread the benefits and potential of blockchain technology by developing fun, social gaming, entertainment, and metaverse experiences.

We aim to collaborate with top IP owners and game creators to incubate “best-in-class” blockchain games, launch them, and reach as many players as possible.

Additionally, we are constructing the Catheon Gaming Center, a layer of infrastructure that will serve the gaming blockchain ecosystem and enable value distribution, community creation, and title interoperability.

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