Top 5 Ways To Earn NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) rose to prominence in 2021 and have remained a hot topic online ever since. NFTs are a digital representation of an item, such as a tweet, a piece of art, a movie, or music. This type of ownership is recorded on the blockchain, making it impossible to steal or duplicate.

NFTs are still in use today despite the poor situation of the broader crypto market this year. Therefore, if you’re wondering where to find free NFTs, you’ve come to the perfect place. The five best ways to obtain free NFTs are listed here. Surprisingly, they are more straightforward than you might imagine.

Play-To-Earn NFT Games

Play-to-earn Playing NFT games is one method of obtaining free NFTs. These games are distinct from the typical games we play today. Unlike traditional games, NFT games let you buy, sell, and trade in-game objects like characters, tokens, and other things you accumulate as you play.

To play and gain in some of these games, you must make certain purchases. There are also free ones available that don’t have these restrictions. Check out our top free-to-play NFT games if you don’t have any extra cash.

There are also online markets where these gaming NFTs can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. However, you can still make money by lending your earned assets to others if you plan to keep them. This holds for NFT games, where playing them requires the purchase of certain things. The Axie Infinity scholarship is one instance of this, in which players lend their Axies to other players in exchange for a cut of their earnings.

NFT Airdrops

A marketing tactic used by blockchain-based businesses to promote a token or a project is called an airdrop. A user must carry a specific ticket to be eligible for the airdrops. Additionally, there could be times when the user is asked to provide a little service, such as liking or retweeting someone else’s social media posts.

Long-standing businesses use it to reward their community members and inspire others to sign up. As an illustration, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) founder Yuga Labs airdrops Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs to BAYC holders. The value of the airdropped NFTs immediately increased, and they were trading for over $50,000 not long after they were launched.

However, receiving free NFTs via airdrops carries a certain amount of danger. Airdrops are often sent directly to users’ wallet addresses, but there are some cases where they frequently turn out to be scams. A victim of such fraud can sustain minor losses that are either impossible or very difficult to recoup.

Do your research (DYOR) on the project and those involved to prevent this. Check the project’s support from the community; if it is weak or doesn’t appear transparent, you might wish to move on.

Some websites provide information on upcoming NFT airdrops and how to participate. You’d be able to keep up and seize opportunities that way.

NFT Giveaways

Similar to airdrops, social media giveaways are a type of marketing tactic used by blockchain-based firms to spread the word about their initiatives. Large crypto companies also use it to reward their communities and keep them devoted over the long term.

These freebies frequently have participation requirements or tasks that must complete. For instance, your job can be to gain the most Twitter likes or invite many people to join the project’s communities.

The social media platforms where NFT giveaways take place include Twitter and Discord. But finding these prizes necessitates a lot of participation. To find out what the project is doing and whether they have any giveaways planned, you must follow their Twitter account.

NFT Breeding

One of the aspects that makes NFTs a fascinating technology is NFT breeding. NFT breeding, as the name suggests, is combining two NFTs to create a new NFT. In the Axie Infinity gameverse, one example is breeding Axies to produce new characters. Similar to their parent NFTs, can employ these characters on several platforms and throughout the game.

While this gives users a great chance to earn NFTs, it also benefits the projects because more users will acquire NFTs. In addition, there are other opportunities for users to profit from the new NFTs.

Selling the NFT on an online market is one such method. With Axies, the user can generate passive money by lending the recently bred NFT to a player who lacks the funds to purchase an Axie.

Additionally, some projects make it simple for NFT owners to breed their NFT. To find people with NFTs of the opposite sex, for instance, some NFT collections set up a platform where NFT users can connect.

Mint Yourself A Free NFT

Making your own NFTs is the quickest and most straightforward way to obtain a free one. You may mint, buy, or sell your NFT free via some decentralized applications (DApps), including Polygon. By doing this, the hefty petrol prices that deter many people from minting their NFT are eliminated.

What you can mint as an NFT is also subject to some restrictions. It would be best if you kept in mind that NFTs are a digital representation of ownership safeguarded and maintained on the blockchain. Therefore, anything owned, including tweets, music, films, land deeds, art, etc., can be represented as an NFT.

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