Cryptocurrency Pre-sales To Check Out & Invest In 2022

The present bear market has had a significant negative influence on the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Still, some tokens have given investors a chance to profit despite the dire market circumstances. These tokens have a high value even in a bear market because they meet all the criteria for a top cryptocurrency-related project. Through cryptocurrency presales, investors can participate in an exciting new business before it is made available to the general public.

As a result, investors can participate in a new, potential cryptocurrency business in its early phases. Investors will also get lower costs in addition to the benefits offered by staking and community reward. Depending on the sort of endeavor, presales for cryptocurrency may be either public or private. Some potential platforms will require investors to register to participate in the presale. Before investing money in a new cryptocurrency platform, investors should understand as much as possible about it and its possibilities.

Top Trending Crypto Pre-sales of 2022

Before an Initial Coin Offering, investors can buy digital assets through cryptocurrency presales (ICO). A cryptocurrency presale’s primary objective is to raise money, but it can also serve as a method of market research before the ICO. Presales of cryptocurrencies present an enormous chance for profit for investors. Presales for cryptocurrencies have taken many different forms, but not all of them have been successful. The best presales possibilities for 2022 are listed below.

1. Girles Token

Girles Metaverse is now in the presale phase, giving investors a unique chance to get involved with the project for the lowest possible price. Girles Metaverse’s goal is to include cryptocurrencies in contexts that are already well-known to most people.

NFT Metaverse, GameFi Alliance, and Staking Contracts are just a few of the ecosystem components that make up the community. A decentralized, ERC-20 secure NFT GameFi token propelled by the power of blockchain gaming, Girles has attracted investors’ attention due to its distinctive potential. Along with token staking, the platform now also allows for NFT minting.

Girles Token has begun its public presale, and by investing in its earliest phases, investors can profit from presales by as much as 207.05%. Cyberscope has audited the token, and audits of its further contracts are also possible under strictly regulated conditions. In October 2022, the team was able to pass a KYC verification and satisfied the following criteria:

  • The contract is published on mainnet
  • Project ownership verified
  • Team identity is verified with random requirements
  • A list of all team members verified
  • $25k Giveaway

A few days after its presale introduction, Girles token raised more than USDT = $1570117.4800, or $2700027.48. The platform also gives the first purchasers a $25,000 reward. Filling up the form and having a minimum of $50 worth of Girles tokens on hand when the drawing takes place are requirements for participation.

  • Decentralized Pre-sales On Web3 Technology

On the official website, investors can participate in the presale of Girles Token, a decentralized NFT GameFi token. With Girles Token, you may fully immerse yourself in the NFT Metaverse, which offers users thrilling options to participate in P2E games and on free-to-play servers. The holders of staked tokens have the opportunity to redeem them.

2. Cardano

Due to its ongoing development and expansion, Cardano has drawn a lot of initiatives. They are now using blockchain technology to build Decentralized Applications (DApps) quickly. Cardano’s worth and popularity among the top DeFi players are gradually increasing.

Its native cryptocurrency, ADA, is anticipated to increase significantly in value. The network’s security attracted Cardano to invest; the innovative contract platform has never disclosed a single breach or assault. Because of the strong security features built into the network, Cardano’s current pricing is drastically undervalued.

3. XRP

The cryptocurrency used by Ripple, known as XRP, is an open-source blockchain-based digital payment system and protocol. The settlement of assets for exchange and remittance systems like SWIFT is the primary purpose of the Ripple process. Financial intermediaries and institutions that deal with currencies use the SWIFT system for international security and money transfers.

While traditional financial institutions can take days or weeks to execute the same work via wire transfers, Ripple enables transactions to be completed in minutes. The minimal cost of a transaction using Ripple is merely 0.00001 Ripple, which is a tiny sum compared to the enormous fees banks frequently impose for international wire transfers.

4. BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency or digital currency created to function as money and a means of payment and is not governed by any person, organization, or other body. As a result, it does away with the necessity for third parties to be involved in financial transactions. Without the need for a central bank or other authority, peer-to-peer technology is used by Bitcoin to manage transactions and create new bitcoins. Bitcoin is a public, open-source project that compensates blockchain miners for their work confirming transactions and can be bought on some exchanges. The first decentralized digital currency to gain widespread acceptance and adoption was Bitcoin, which cleared the door for some other cryptocurrencies.

5. ETH

One cryptocurrency that hasn’t let down investors is Ethereum. The blockchain is the largest network for smart contracts, and since added proof of stake, energy consumption has dropped by more than 90%. This removes the possibility of penalties brought on by environmental contamination. Ethereum is trading at $1,200 after reaching a high of $4,800. It is a fantastic choice for both long- and short-term savings and investments due to the interest it earns.

6. BCH

The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is quite similar to Bitcoin (BTC) but also has some distinctive qualities all it’s own. It is an alternative to Bitcoin and is frequently referred to as a “fork.” Some contend that Bitcoin Cash adheres closer to the original concept of creating a peer-to-peer electronic payment system. A peer-to-peer, decentralized electronic cash system, such as Bitcoin Cash, is not controlled by any one central entity, such as a bank or the government.


Presales of cryptocurrencies have advantages and hazards, just like any other investment. Early investors will immediately benefit from this because they can purchase coins at a lower price and even sell them for a profit if the token value increases.

It might increase as the project matures and the token’s value rises. Additionally, the investor can buy additional coins because of the project’s launch’s lower price. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to decide which presale is the ideal to take part in, given the sheer number of new cryptocurrency projects introduced each month.

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